E-learning platform

Avialearning platform offers the possibility of taking online courses with full tracking and control.

The courses admit the insertion of all kinds of multimedia content.

Collaborative tools like forums, chats, blogs that can be moderated by a teacher or tutor.

Taking exams to assess learning.

Certificate or diploma issuance when completing a course.

Universal compatibility

The completion of the courses is possible on practically any device.

Adaptive design that fits to different screen sizes.

Contents based on HTML5 and CSS standards that allow to be played in most current browsers.

Flexible configuration

Multitude of settings to guarantee the best performance and user experience.

Customization with the corporate image of the client.

Published courses as standalone or tutored by a teacher, with the possibility of giving live classes.

Flexibility in the configuration of the notifications sent to the user, form of taking exams, dates of the courses, conditions to advance to the next content, etc.

Adaptation and integration with your current information system.

Easy and effective management

Simple and intuitive interface that facilitates the management of a high volume of user participation in courses.

Creation of course groups and user groups.

Assignment of availability dates to groups of courses or individual courses.

Restriction of access to content until certain objectives are met.

Proven efficacy in environments with more than 4000 active users.

Tracking and control

Our e-learning platform records all data related to user activity: accesses, learning times, grades, reproduced content, etc.

A wide variety of reports are available to obtain precise and detailed information on the progress of students and their participation in training activities.

Security and infrastructure

Encrypted communications over the Internet using HTTPS with SSL certificate for the domain chosen by the client.

Configuration of different security policies on passwords and access source.

Redundant and geographically distributed hardware systems to offer a high availability and fault tolerant service.

Hosting in a certified Internet service provider.

Support and assistance

Our technical support team will assist questions users may raise.

Ticket management application to facilitate contact and offer a quick response.

Inquiries to our support team can be sent from the platform itself or via email.

Fundae bonuses

Platform registered in the Registry of Tele-training Entities of Fundae (formerly known as Tripartita) thereby complying with all the established legal requirements.

Activity logs.

Traceability of the participant.

Communication tools.

Tutorial system.

Learning and assessment controls.